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The Brave and the Bold #3

[untitled] - Feb. 1992

The Cover of The Brave and the Bold #3 by Shea Anton Pensa
Script: Mike Grell and Mike Baron
Art: Shea Anton Pensa
Lettering: Steve Haynie
Colors: Julia Lacquement
Editor: Mike Gold
Cover: Mike Grell
Published by DC Comics

John Butcher takes his investigation to Canada, to the Mohawk festival. There, he meets Byron Running Deer, a young indian who's frustrated with his people's inability to function in the real world, and their tendency to "live in the 19th century." Running Deer also harbors anger at his father, who refuses to sell part of the reservation to a condominium/golf course developer.

Butcher makes another acquaintance in Vic Sage, a.k.a. the Question. The two later meet up with Oliver Queen at the Hiawatha Lounge and details of each of the trio's cases come together to reveal a grand scheme.

Sage and Butcher head out to interview Youngblood at a lumbering site, but apparently one of their questions offended -- Youngblood sends a truck after the two to run them off the highway!

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  • John Butcher
  • Chief Running Deer
  • Byron Running Deer
  • Vic Sage / The Question
  • Shelly
  • O'Rourke
  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Sir Arthur Youngblood


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