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52 #18

"The Origin of the Question" / Sept. 6, 2006

The Cover of 52 #18 by J.G. Jones
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Joe Bennett
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Lettering: Nick J. Napolitano
Asst. Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Sept. 2006 / DC Comics

All Charles Victor Szasz ever wanted was answers.

Who were his parents? Why did they orphan him? How would he survive a brutal childhood...

...And what kind of man would he become?

As "Vic Sage," he pursued a career as an investigative reporter in the crime-ridden, festering town known as Hub City.

It was a fairly easy job. Corruption in Hub City wasn't difficult to find...

...Though it hated like hell to be uncovered. To do that job and live to tell about it would require some measure of anonymity.

Enter Aristotle Rodor, one of Sage's former college professors. Rodor, drawing from the extract of the Gingold plant and from the notes of Gotham criminal Bart Magan, had created the substance pseudoderm.

As an artificual skin, pseudoderm was designed for dressing wounds.

When exposed to a certain gas, however...

...It masked Sage's appearance while allowing him to see and breathe normally.

As reporter Vic Sage, he pursued the facts.

As the Question, he pursues the truth.


Trained by Richard Dragon, one of the world's foremost martial artists, the Question is a supreme hand-to-hand combatant. He is also keenly observant and exceptionally intuitive as a detective.


The Question from 52 #18 by Joe Bennett
The Question from 52 #18 by Joe Bennett